I recently went public again on Coast to Coast with George Noory and Cheryll Jones November 27, 2019 during an exclusive one hour interview.

I have been adding to this website over the past few years and have some great new stories and corroborations. Scanning the research to an archive is a very slow process, as it’s extensive with these cases.

I thoroughly researched the sounds associated with ufo encounters for at least 25 years, and had the recordings thoroughly analysed by the tenured (but now retired) Aerospace Professor from the University at Austin (Texas)…Dr. Ronald Stearman. I literally have hundreds of pages of analysis and have to find what will be simple for a layperson to understand.

Dr. Ronald Stearman

Ron Stearman

There are SO MANY AVENUES to this research. I’m going to try and stick to the bare bones. I have done many radio interviews over the years and have been published in the MUFON Journal, Circles Phenomena Research (CPR–Colin Andrews), The Cerealogist, Flying Saucer Review, The Bulletin of Anomalous Experience, Canadian Crop Circles Research (CCCRN) and the Prairie Circular. My articles can be found under RESEARCH. Having 35 years of it to review is an undertaking. Bear with me.

A year after the sightings in Orton, Ontario Canada, I allowed the Editor of our local paper the Erin Advocate to print a story abut the events. By then, he was getting calls from other locals who had seen something. (1976)

Erin Advocate


I am working to archive the dozens of  ufo beeping cases that I have collected over the past three decades, which need to be scanned and uploaded. Some are from old newspaper clippings, ufo reports and/or full investigations from investigators and authors. Thank you for your interest in my research. (statement will be ‘natural creations’)

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