Compilation of Beeping Cases

Please note that I will eventually have all my recordings here that I have gathered over the years. There are about ten or more identical cases, and they will go up as soon as they are digitized. They have all been properly analysed and I have several hundred pages of graphic analysis. Although I only have ten or so recordings, there are at least FIFTY confirmed cases of “beeping ufos” in the literature. These will be covered in detail in my book.

The following five minute recording has four beep cases on it.

COPYRIGHT Lindy Tucker 1992

These beeping sounds were heard in Orton, Ontario; Bradford, New Hampshire; Bragg Creek, Alberta; Hollyburn Ridge, Vancouver. (The laughing needs to be edited out along with my old address.) There is a contact form on my website where you can contact me by email.  Or you can write to me at P.O. Box 1555, Fairview, NC 28730

These beeping sounds were recorded during ufo sightings, but the tiny saw whet owl sounds almost identical here:

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